A New Start!

Hi all, as previously mentioned in the “About” section this is a rebooted blog about gaming and potentially anything else gaming related. Once I get an idea of where I want to start I will start posting, hopefully on a regular basis, the only that may hinder me will be my shift work and how busy I am on a day to day basis. Don’t judge me.

I will likely start with games I am playing at the moment owing to the fact that they will be fresh in my mind and I will most likely know what I am trying to talk about instead of relying on nostalgia to guide me. But as I go further I will expand and mention games I have played in the past and eventually organise the website to look somewhat professional.

My main aim is to write some “compelling” “non-biased” reviews that will help in your decision making when buying consoles or games. Now, I am not the most seasoned of gamer but I have played my fair share which, I hope, gives me an edge with my reviews.

While I have your attention have a look at some of my old reviews from back in 2012/13, albeit not great in number but will give you an idea how I write and what to expect to learn from my reviews.

Hope you all enjoy.



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