Football Manager 2012

It was one of the most highly anticipated games by sports fans
around the world, apart from the obvious battle between PES 2012’s Konami and
FIFA 12’s EA Sports. A non conventional game that has you within a database with
your favourite teams, leagues and players; pushing you to buy players, support
your team and fight tooth and nail for your job and in most cases as losses
anger the board of directors, the media decide to black list your name and
computer generated fans judge your managing skills. Do not be fooled by the set
up of this game, from the outside the game seems unappealing and needlessly
complex, but once you take up the reigns of your football team, you feel the
power to bring back trophies, and the addiction starts.

One of the most time consuming games of the century, due to the size of the game, it can go on endlessly, generating more and more youngsters with capabilities to put our
famous football stars to shame. However, this is where the game loses its replay
value as you watch people such as Christiano Ronaldo and Messi become coaches or
even managers you consciously decide that it is time to retire from the game.

Eventually, the gamer becomes furious over stupid results as
the games mechanics randomly select an outcome that ruins that gamers day. For
example say Inter Milan lose to Torino in a cup final, because the game has
created a dark horse and becomes childish and stops a world class team from
beating a second rate one, that gamers day is ruined till another match ends in
the gamers favour and again restores the gamer and game relationship once

However, the game is always replayed, creating new seasons with
other teams to replicate the challenge of achieving top flight football. My mate even created a server in which we could all play
simultaneously in the same league. It was much more time consuming, and when
playing against a person with triple the amount of football knowledge as
yourself, your chances of securing an actual victory is nil. However still
fun as you could interact with the media and insult your fellow Managers as
their careers spiral down the pan.

In conclusion, the game itself is good but giving oneself a job as a
game, where the main aim to keep your job whilst achieving an ulcer in process I
give the game 6/10, and the only reason I rate it at that and not lower is its
replay value, you can continuously do different seasons with different teams
and if it goes wrong, you have a trusty ‘Load last save’ option that always
helps with reducing a gamers blood pressure.

Thanks for reading!



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